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Barcodes and QR-codes

The Chemotion ELN supports the generation and reading of barcodes and QR codes in two sizes. Both size options were tested with the following printers: (1) Brother PT-P900W

The Chemotion ELN supports barcodes generated by the Chemotion ELN. Barcodes generated and defined by other systems are not integrated per default. Barcodes are adapted to work with Bruker NMR instruments, other specific devices are not yet implemented.

Barcodes can be gained for different entities in the Chemotion ELN:

  • samples
  • reactions
  • wellplates
  • screens

Also, barcodes and QR codes can be gained for each analysis that is registered in the Chemotion ELN, this should facilitate to differenciate between different samples that are submitted for different measurements.

Printed barcodes, added to a certain flask or tube, can be read by standard readers. Reading the code induces the direct link to the item in the Chemotion ELN, for that the barcode was generated.

Generate barcode/QR code#

  1. Open the entity you want to generate barcode/QR code.

  2. Click on this button Print button.

  3. The label pdf file will be generated and automatically downloaded including both barcode and QR code.

Generate barcode

Scan barcode/QR code#

  1. Click this button Code Scanner Button.

  2. Choose which code want to scan

Scan options

  1. Show the code to the camera.

  2. The entity will display.


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