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Version: 1.1.1

Format descriptions


Please adjust the space between number and unit according to common standards:
All combinations of number and unit should be given with space, only the combination number+% (e.g. yield or concentration) are given without.

12 h (wrong: 12h) 12 min (wrong: 12min)
12 °C (not 12°C)
12 mM (wrong: 12mM)

But: the product was obtained in 12% yield
Or: 5% methanol in water

Common errors & inaccuracies

Please do not give any temperature with the information: room temperature
The temperature has to be defined as e.g. 21 °C or others as room temperature might differ a lot from air conditioned labs to not air conditioned ones.

Please do not give the duration of a reaction or others as “over night” or “one day”. Please give the accurate time as 12 h or 24 h.

Abbreviations and names

Please avoid misunderstandings due to inaccurate names and descriptions:
Right: cyclohexane (wrong: cyclo)

Description of processes

For the description of the reactions: please use the exact name of the given reagents instead of general terms such as "the amine", "the aldehyde", the "starting material"