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Text Template

Throughout the ELN, users work with text editors in many different contexts. Text template are meant to help users with writing by providing ready-made paragraphs that can be inserted in any text editor. Users can insert a predefined text block by clicking on the corresponding icon on top of the text editors. For the text-editor of an Analysis section, or a Reaction-description, this Menu-bar can be customized by the user. The available text templates the user can chose from are managed by the Admin as described here.

Click on Text Templates in the sidebar of the administrator interface in order to open an editor that lets you configure custom text template:


Click on the button to generate a new text template and name it appropriately. Then set the icon (from Font Awesome,Bootstrap glyphicons or internal chemotion eln icon libraries), the Text title, and the paragraph that is meant to be added to the users' text.

Icon examples:

  • a thermometer icon: "fa fa-thermometer-quarter"
  • an asterisk: "glyphicon glyphicon-asterisk"

The icon will appear if the entry is added directly in the header of the editor, the text, when the entry is added in a user-defined dropdown menu.


Remove a template by clicking the button next to a template in the list on the left.