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User management


The page offers a basic listing of the registered users. Users are of 4 types:

  • Person: standard ELN users have access to /mydb page but not the admin page
  • Admin: ELN adminstrators do not have access to /mydb page but to the admin page
  • Group: a group of users
  • Device: a device (deprecated for >= v2.0.0)

A ELN Admin can do the following:

  • create one or multiple user accounts
  • delete a user account
  • restore a deleted account
  • edit current user information
  • reset a user password
  • (un)lock a user account
  • (de)activate a user account
  • give a user account specific privileges

Create user accounts

Press the following to open the dialogue window: adminui-usermanagement-createuser

Add the information for the new user account or upload a csv file containing the accounts' information.


Editing or delete an existing account

An existing account can be edited or deleted. Press the following to open the edit/delete dialogue window for a given account: adminui-usermanagement-editing-modal


(De-)activating vs (Un-)locking an account


A user account is locked automatically after too many failed login attempts (5 successive failed attempts). The account will be automatically unlock after 10 mins. Alternately an Admin can unlock it from this interface.

An account can be frozen by deactivating it here. Login to this account is then not possible. The user cannot reactivate it. Only an Admin can. If the user is currently logged-in, its session will be invalidated. The data shared by the user to other users is still accessible to them.