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User-Level Data Collection

Recently user-level data collection (files/folders) has been added in Chemotion ELN. This feature will be available from v1.9. It will be available along with the existing mechanism.

Existing Mechanism

Here is a brief overview of the existing mechanism. Either file or folder is collected in the data collector mechanism.

File Collection

Different data files are kept under folders, each of which typically contains files specific to a particular analytical device. The files must begin with the name abbreviation of a valid user who is registered with Chemotion for the Chemotion to collect the files and send them to the user's inbox in ELN. These files are then extracted from the device folders and sent to the appropriate user's inbox based on the name abbreviations. All the files (marked as read) are removed from the device folders after this process is finished.


Folder Collection

In this mechanism, instead of files, folders are directly collected from various device folders. Each device folder generally contains the experimental data folders from a particular device. In a similar manner, now the folders have to begin with the name abbreviation of a valid user registered with Chemotion in order to collect them and send them to the specific user's inbox in Chemotion ELN. Eventually, these folders are collected from the device folders, and based on the name abbreviations, they are sent to the inbox of respective users. Upon the completion of this operation, all the folders are deleted from the device folders.


Folders along with their contents marked in red zone will be delete


:::caution Warning

Whether it is a file or folder, they will be deleted from the device folder after each collection operation


User-Level Data Collection Mechanism

Along with the existing mechanism, now the user has the option to enable user-level data collection in the Chemotion ELN.

User-Level File Collection

In this case, now the device folder will contain subfolders, each identified by the name abbreviations of the Chemotion Users. These user-specific folders will contain the experimental data files. When the data collection operation is run by the Chemotion, then only the data files within the user-specific folders (marked in red) will be deleted. These user-specific folders will remain undeleted after each operation.

  • Data folders/user-level folders within the device folder have to start with user identifier
  • Data files do not need to start with user identifiers


User-Level Folder Collection

In a similar manner, the folders that need to be collected will now be kept inside user-specific folders, which are kept inside device folders. After each successful data collection operation, the user-specific folders will remain undeleted while all their contents (marked in red zone) will be deleted.


How to enable

This functionality has to be enabled from the Data Collector section in the admin panel. If the checkbox Enable user level data collection remain unchecked, then the conventional data collection mechanism will remain effective. If this checkbox is checked, then the newly added user-level data collection will be enabled.