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List of Enabled Devices


This page is still being edited and reviewed.

List of devices transferring data to Chemotion ELN

The following list summarizes those devices for that a transfer routine from the devices to Chemotion ELN was enabled. For most of the devices, a detailed description of the routine is given in the link (last column of the table). If the description is missing, we will provide it soon. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We are constantly working on the integration of new devices, please let us know if you need support for your favorite devices.

There are several approaches for the automatic transfer:

  • transferring data through email provider
  • exe running as a program
  • powershell script running as a background service
  • macro

On the other hand, manual transfer means that the device is not connected to any network and therefore, one manual transfer step is needed. This is usually solved via a direct regular upload of data collections to the Chemotion ELN data exchange server.

Device TypeVendorModelSoftwareFile typeData Transfer process
GC/MSAgilent6890 GC / 5973N MSDMSD ChemStation E.02.D folderChemStation Macro (details)
GC/MSShimadzuGC-2030 / MS-QP2020LabSolutions 4.53SP1.gcd->.cdf (MS AIA +others)exe (details)
GCShimadzuNexis GC-2030LabSolutions 5.110.gcd -> .cdf (AIA +others)exe (details)
HPLCAgilent1100LC ChemStation B.04.D folderChemStation Macro (details)
LC/MSAgilent1100 HPLC / 1100 MSDMSD ChemStation B.04.D folderChemStation Macro (details)
LC/MSAgilent1260 HPLC / IQ MSOpenLab CDS 2.6.srlt-> .cdf (AIA +others)exe (details)
SECAgilent / PSS1200 HPLCPSS winGPCexe (details)
LC/MSShimadzuLC-40 / LCMS-2020OpenLab CDS 2.6.lcd -> .cdf (AIA +others)exe (details)
MSAdvionexpression-L CMSMass Express.datx -> .cdfexe (details)
NMRBrukerAvance 400TopSpin or -> _.dxemail (details)
NMR BenchtopMagritek60 Proton UltraSpinsolveautomatic backup function (details)
FTIRBrukerAlpha IIOpus 8.6.dptexe (details)
FTIRBrukerAlpha IIOpus 8.5.0 -> .dxexe (details)
RamanBrukerMultiRAMOpus 6.5.0 -> .dxexe (details)
DSCNetzschDSC 214NETZSCH Messungexe (details)
DSCTA InstrumentsDSC2500TRIOS.tri -> .csv, .xls, .xmlexe (details)
TGATA InstrumentsTGA5500TRIOS.tri -> .csv, .xls, .xmlexe (details)
EISBioLogicVMP-300EC LabEC-Lab raw data binary file(.mpr)exe (details)
MicroscopeLeicaSTELLARIS 5Application Suite X.jpegexe (details)

List of the devices being worked on or potentially in the pipeline

Device NameVendorModelSoftwareData transfer process
IR Vertex 80Opusexe
HPLCThermo FisherUltimate 3000Chromeleonexe