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The "Ontology Selection" function in the system utilizes the EMBL-EBI ontology lookup service as the primary data source. After retrieving the data from the EMBL-EBI ontology lookup service, we employ a process that focuses on extracting and retaining ontology terms related to "RXNO" (Name Reaction Ontology) and "CHMO" (Chemical Methods Ontology). These selected ontological terms are subsequently presented as options for user selection within the system.


It's important to emphasize that we do not utilize the entire datasets for "RXNO" and "CHMO"; instead, we selectively incorporate relevant portions to meet the user's needs. The reason for selectively using only specific segments of the "RXNO" and "CHMO" data is to optimize the user experience by simplifying the selection process. This approach also helps to avoid the potential confusion that may arise from the presence of too many options.


Users can select ontology terms related to "RXNO" and "CHMO" in a targeted manner, thus promoting an academic approach to data categorisation and facilitating accurate data representation in the context of reactions and analyses.

CHMO (Chemical Methods Ontology) of Analysis


RXNO (Name Reaction Ontology) of Reaction



The options of the "Ontology Selection" function are organized within a tree-like structure, making it a particularly user-friendly feature. This structure is well-suited for any data with hierarchical entries, allowing users to navigate and select from the available options with ease.


Recently Selected

The system keeps the user's most selected options in the 'Recently selected' so the user can easily select the ontology.

The following video demonstrates how it works:

Searchable Selection

Another useful feature is that the system provides search functionality within the selection, allowing you to filter out the options by entering the value you want.

The following video demonstrates how it works:


Given the variety of ontologies that may be required for different applications, we have provided a feature that allows system administrators to enable/disable ontology terms within the system. Kindly refer to the Admin Interface > Load OLS Terms for further information.